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Guest artists of the Magdalena Project meeting: "Tradition-Transmission- Transgression 2021"

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"Tradition-Transmission-Transgression 2021" aims to reflect on the role of women in the transmission and maintenance of some cultural traditions, and the responsibility to transform them where the same traditions confirm a social perspective that does not guarantee equal opportunities and rights.

The meeting will take place from October 6th to 12th, 2021 in the beautiful municipality of Ayllón, Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, and provides workshops, round tables for reflection, concerts, exhibitions, shows and activities together with the local community.



Among the invited masters:

Julia Varley (Great Britain) joined Odin Teatret in 1976. Apart from acting she is active in directing, teaching, organising and writing. Since 1990 she has been involved in the conception and organisation of ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology) and of the University of Eurasian Theatre, both directed by Eugenio Barba. Since its beginning in 1986 she has been active in The Magdalena Project. She is also artistic director of Transit International Festival, Holstebro, and editor of The Open Page, a journal devoted to women's work in theatre. In the framework of The Magdalena Project.She is co-founder of the Barba Varley Foundation.







Jill Greenhalgh (Wales), has been a professional theatre maker since 1978. Her career as a performer, director and producer has primarily focused on experimental physical practice. The specific interest in the performance work being developed by women resulted in the foundation, in 1986, of The Magdalena Project—International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre, which has since grown into a worldwide organisation with ongoing activities in 25 countries. Jill remains the Founding Artistic Director of this Project.






Patricia Ariza Flórez (Colombia),

she is an art historian from the National University of Colombia, playwright and director. She is the co-founder of the Casa de la Cultura (1966) current La Candelaria Theater; she is the founder and Director of the Colombian Theater Corporation (1969), Cultural Movement with Marginalized Sectors (1995), and has also directed four groups. She is an actress, playwright and co-director of the La Candelaria Theater. She is a member of the Colombian coalition for the defence of cultural diversity; director of the alternative theatre festival (biennial); director of the festival women on stage for peace (annual), director of the Tramaluna theatre group, director of the Rapsoda theatre group (until 2011). She is the director of the biennial expedition for the exodus meeting in honour of displaced people.She is a co-founder and member of the movement of artists and intellectuals for peace in Colombia. With the corporation restart for the defence of human rights: advises on artistic and cultural activities of memory and promotion of human rights, in particular of the victims of the genocide against the patriotic union. She has worked in 70 productions of the group la Candelaria 1966 - 2016. And she has made numerous productions with the groups that she has founded and directs women's groups; groups from marginalized sectors, such as young people from popular neighbourhoods, rappers and hip-hoppers, and young street dwellers; groups of people displaced by violence (displaced); groups of older women; groups of girls and boys.

President of the Colombian theatre corporation based in Bogotá,

Colombia; President of La Candelaria theatre; Fellowship or member of ASHOKA. Foundation for the recognition of social entrepreneurs; International recognition for her work as a social innovator; Master teacher in creative writing, national university of Colombia.




Geddy Aniksdal and Anette Röde Hagnell (Norway), artists of the Grenland Friteater company, a reality that began in 1976 and is the longest-running free performing arts group in Norway.Their productions range from the intimate experimental to the spectacular on-air events free. Grenland Friteater has a long history of creating features that go out of the box.








Keiin Yoshimura (Japan), Japanese multi-talented artist, dancer of the ancient Japanese dance Kamigata-mai, one of the few women who have performed at the Noh Theater, singer of Gidayu-bushi (storyteller in the Bunraku), actress of Kyogen theater, musician from Shamisen.

She is a deep connoisseur and teacher of: Shodo (Japanese Calligrapher), Kendo (martial art with a cane), Kyudo (martial art), Waka (Poems in 31 syllables) and Haiku (minimum poem in 17 syllables).






Parvathy Baul (Kerala-India) Baul music singer and Indian storyteller. She is one of the most recognized artists of Baul music from India. She was trained under the tutelage of gurus like Baul gurus, Sanatan Das Baul, Shashanko Goshai Baul in Bengal. She is one of the first women to study, and now teach, the Baul chanting technique, only practiced by men for centuries in northwestern India, present-day West Bengal, and Bangladesh.







Voix Polyphoniques (France), Brigitte Cirla ​​and Eléonore Bovon.

Brigitte Cirla, singer, actress, director and teacher has directed Cie Voix Polyphoniques for 30 years. She creates musical theater shows in France and internationally performed in various languages. She is also a choir director and as such conducts various vocal groups in Marseille.

Eléonore Bovon: Singer, writer, composer, vocal coach, choir director, she creates meaningful projects portraying a wide range of emotions, involving from 2 to 50 participants, dealing with societal subjects, in every kind of contexts, for every kind of audiences, all over the world




Amaranta Osorio (Mexico-Colombia-Spain) is an author, actress and cultural manager.

As an author, she has received several awards and her works have been presented in various countries and translated into five languages. Since 2019, she has been a beneficiary of the National System of Creators of FONCA (Mexico). In Spain, he received the awards: "Calderón de Literatura Dramática" (For the work CLIC, when everything changes, written with Itziar Pascual), the "Premio de Textos Teatrales Jesús Domínguez" (For the work Moje Holka, written with Itziar Pascual) , among others.






Isabelle Maurel (France), Dancer and choreographer, is also a teacher of African dance, improvisation, history of African-American culture and pedagogy since 1999; she has managed to keep Katherine DUNHAM's heritage alive and precise for young contemporary dancers. Since 2002, she has directed street performances, dance theater happenings and choreography, and community dance projects.







Itziar Pascual (Spain), is a playwright, pedagogue, researcher and journalist. She won the 2019 National Performing Arts Award for Children and Youth. She has a PhD in Information Sciences from the UCM and a higher degree in Dramaturgy from RESAD. She has been a Dramaturgy professor at RESAD since 1999. As a playwright, she is the author of more than thirty dramatic works, awarded, premiered, published and translated into different languages.







Mónica de la Fuente (Spain) is an actress, dancer and choreographer specialising in Indian performing arts (Bharata natyam and Kathakali) with a career of more than twenty years dedicated to the dissemination and experimentation of dance based on these movement techniques. She has been trained in the most prestigious dance schools in South India and has received several awards from the Indian government through the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AECI) among others.In 2000 she founded her own dance-theatre company for the creation of intercultural performances. Her creations and collaborations include: "Flamenco, India" directed by Carlos Saura where she worked as choreographer and performer, "Kijote Kathakali" for the International Festival of Classical Theatre of Almagro or "Rasa y Duende", her own creation based on the poem "Cante Jondo" by Lorca. Her shows have been performed throughout Spain, France, England, India and the United States. Mónica de la Fuente is artistic director of the LAB-india Performing Arts Laboratory of Casa de la India where she teaches regularly and carries out international artistic projects.







Viviana Bovino (Italy) is an actress, dancer, pedagogue, and one of the founders of Residui Teatro International Laboratory. Her work transits between dance, theatre, and singing; constantly investigating the principles that allow the holistic body to follow the action in motion. She is also the author of various articles, poems, and texts of the plays she performs from Residui Teatro’s International Laboratory. In her training journey, it has been fundamental the encounter with: Paolo Baroni (Italy); Antonio Lanera (Italy); Marta Ruiz Adra Danza(Colombia); Odin Teatret (Denmark); Cartaphilus Teatro (Mexico); Susanne Linke (Germany);Darpana Company (India); Parvathy Baul (India); among others. Since 2013, she becomes a disciple of the Japanese master Keiin Yoshimura (Kamigata Mai Tomonokai). She participates in the 2014 edition of the Biennial of Dance of Venice accompanying master Keiin Yoshimura on stage. She is part of the teaching staff of "Diploma de Formación Continua, Cuerpo y Narratividad: Escritura Performativa y Perspectiva de Género" (Continuing Education Diploma, Body and Narrativity: Performative Writing and Gender Perspective) in the Faculty of Information Science in Complutense University of Madrid. She has presented shows in various countries around the globe and given workshops in Europe, Africa, America, and Asia for people with and without functional diversity.

Since 2013, she is part of the “Magdalena Project”, an International League of Women of Theatre and Performance.




Katarzyna Bak (Poland) painter and graphic artist. She exhibits at the meeting the works "Act Woman.". Everyone carries within itself the traces of the places where he spent his childhood. In Katarzyna, Poland’s troubled history and wilderness have drawn deep furrows. The native Silesia countryside is at the origin of her attachment to nature. The landscapes that accompanied her early years, the nature she breathed, will later prove to be one of her most powerful sources of inspiration. The first experience of pencil drawing led her to attend art school where she got in touch with the techniques of drawing, painting, and fabric. Her artistic apprenticeship continues at the Faculty of Art Education in Czestochowa, where she studies painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and engraving techniques: etching, aquatint, drypoint and lithography. The university experience increases her artistic awareness which manifests itself in a set of lithographs entitled “Life and death” conceived and created by her, under the guidance of the artist prof. Grzegorz Banaszkiewicz. After graduation, she moved to Italy, where she works as an artist and art designer. Since 1996 very active professionally, she has exhibited in Poland, Belgium, England, Ukraine and Italy.





Eirini Sfyri (Greece) actress, creator, pedagogue, graphic artist ;l she co-founded the non-profit physical theater company “Theatro eF” and of the artistic association “Les souterraines” in Bordeaux (France). Since 2017 she is member of the international Residu Teatro laboratory, where she also coordinates the activities of art education for kids in the Casa de las Artes y del Juego project.









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