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Workshop Gregorio Amicuzi - ENGLISH VERSION

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Workshop Gregorio Amicuzi
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Theatre of the Connections directed by Gregorio Amicuzi (Residui Teatro, Spain - Italy)

DATE: September 30, 8:45 11:45 / 15:30 a 19:30 hrs
LOCATION: Centro de Artesana de las Artes Escnicas (CAAE)*
C/ Ercilla, 48. Madrid. Metro Acacias or Embajadores

For our "real actions" on stage (and in life) to be related to our life and our desires.
Three related topics will be covered: training, scenic presence and creation.
Training is essential in order to have the body ready and be able to provide, during the creation, all the necessary tools for the realisation of scenic material. In our company, we believe that actors and dancers' training has to be sustained by individual and collective training. Training, instructed through exercises, is a system of practice that serves to remove blockages and daily habits, acquire new logical thinking (learning to learn) and develop skills necessary for creation. Thanks to the training, we discover, every day in the room, a new free and available body that allows us to find new, unique and original "expressive signs", related to our life and our desires.
Through the study of techniques, which direct the knowledge of our body, in its psycho-physical-emotional-vocal and mental integrity, as well as the knowledge and development of the necessary tools for its development, we will build our "scenic presence".
This is the name we give to what is done before acting. "Scenic presence" means being connected here and now with yourself (biography and desires), others (coworkers, costume, scene object or space) and the public. The constant and punctual study of the techniques that the course proposes, improves the ability to work, both individually and collectively, and develops the ability to "be" in respect of all these work instruments and the public. Therefore, we can transform our bodies and build what is called "scenic body" and learn to "be present" on stage throughout our integrity. We will learn to be in physical and vocal action, in dynamic actions and in stillness.
Through physical theatre, we will learn to control and direct our energy, emotions and thoughts towards the creation of scenic actions in order to make personal and collective structures managing the concept of psycho - physical - emotional, vocal and mental action.
It is the connection between these themes and the availability and willingness of each to be a creator, allowing theatre function as a transformative element. Achieving this capability is the great challenge of the course.

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