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Workshop Paolo Baroni - ENGLISH VERSION

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Workshop Paolo Baroni
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“Dramaturgy of Space” workshop about scenic construction and scenic objects from recycled materials. Directed by Paolo Baroni (Italy).

DATE: September 28-30, Octuber 1st, 2nd . 10:00 / 19:00 hrs.

LOCATION: Centro de Artesanía de las Artes Escénicas (CAAE)*

C/ Ercilla, 48. Madrid. Metro Acacias or Embajadores



Paolo Baroni, will run a workshop about designing construction and scenic objects made from recycled materials that local people provide. The event will end with a parade where the different constructions will be presented, completing the workshop.

According to Paolo Baroni, we need to "conceive the space as an element that contributes, along with other theatre languages, to the construction of an event." The workshop will be divided into three phases: the search for "the rest", project and collective construction, creation of an action to accompany the actors.

Description of the artist and more details:

Conceive the space as an element that contributes, along with other theatre languages, to the construction of an event.

Think in various and, at the same time, autonomous languages in relation to dialogue.

Play with your eyes, hands, and knees, hopefully, like children. Look for the essence of things, starting from the text analysis, in order to get to the search of the mental images and then the materials for cataloging.

Some requirements to participate in the laboratory:

The increased availability of speaking-listening is indispensable for everyone.

However, it is important not to take the play too seriously.

High availability in order to participate in the play (the great ability of children who have the spirit of freedom, curiosity, pleasure, no sense of limits, not thinking)



Punctuality and constant frequency are very important at work.

Each participant will bring a minimum of work tools (pliers, hammer, screwdriver, utility knife, scissors ...)

Some phases of the laboratory:

COLLECTION OF RECYCLING MATERIAL. The search of materials is an important moment for participants to approach and know each other, analyse the territory and become familiar with the materials and the history through the collection of objects. It is, also, important that the participants bring with them as many objects as possible (see note on materials **).

COLLECTIVE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF SCENIC ELEMENTS AND LIGHTING. The montage. The encounter among different materials is the alchemical moment of the laboratory, in which the creativity and the technique allow selected objects take on a new meaning, other than their own.



About the home territory

The landfills

Around containers

Garages, appliances, bicycles, aunt's basement, the laundry room of the house, the kitchen drawer, your own pockets


DONATION: 100 euros

PROMOTION: TTT Carnet – El Cuerpo, Carnet TTTodo – El teatro

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