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The Territory in the City

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The theatre opens its doors, the theatre takes to the street, where people are waiting, where art necessarily makes propositions, fascinates and trasforms.
Actors, dancers, musicians and craftsmen will fill the neighbourhood of Acacias / Embajadores with their art on the 3rd of October from 12:30 am.

Since the beginning, Residui Teatro has been running theatre performances in the street and in unconventional spaces (subway, buildings on the outskirts of Rome, historical centers of small towns, etc.) with the intention of transforming what Marc Auget defines as no places into spaces that appear with a new meaning for the citizens.

Thanks to the collaboration of neighborhood organisations, theatre and dance groups and CAAE students, art takes to the street to become a community act.


From 12.30, there will be interventions by local groups and associations: Galera Capoeira; The unruly - Huerta Urbana; The elderly also narrate; Tango with Key 53; Flamenco Passion, as well as the intervention of performative actions by students of Residui Teatro. Throughout the day, there will be popular food, a theatrical lottery, artisanal toys made by the Italian Fabrizio Baiocchi and the facilities will be installed during the workshop “Dramaturgy of Space” directed by Paolo Baroni.

Activities for children (see the territory of children).


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