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Territorios Teatrales Transitables. English Version

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International meeting about theory and practice of performing arts

September 24- Octuber 3, 2015

Directed by Gregorio Amicuzi On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, Residui Teatro is organising an international meeting in Madrid that aims to reflect on the possible paths of theatre, poetry and the transformation that performing art entails in a personal, social and political level.

The TTT will be a meeting among masters around the world who have visibly left their mark in the history of the Residui Theatre company. They are masters who have made major transformations in their contexts of origin and, in some cases, they have determined new artistic perspectives, internationally. Eugenio Barba, director of the Odin Teatret company (Dinamarca), starts the meeting. Among the artists: Julia Varley, Viviana Bovino, José Sanchis Sinisterra, Keiin Yoshimura, Parvathy BaulSusanne Linke Vladimir Olshansky, Marta Ruíz, Paolo Baroni, Paolo Vignolo, Cartaphilus Teatro, I Wayan Bawa, Hernán Gené.

Gregorio Amicuzi, director of Residui Teatro and artistic responsible of the Festival, defines the artistic communities, where these masters are leaders in some geographical or cultural contexts, as Theatre Territories.

Under the advice of some of the illustrious guests, Residui Theatre defines six territories. In each territory, various international and national guests of relevance are distinguished, they convene on panel conversations, they present work demonstrations and offer workshops. The international meeting  TTT  aims to answer some questions with the support of the guests, the support of local cultural institutions and the professionals who come from different countries around the world.
The TTT wants to be a meeting point for young people, who work on the performing arts, and masters who deal with the transmission of their wisdom. The guest masters come from different cultural backgrounds and each one, according to his/her scope, deals with the transmission of experience and tradition to young people who will take it over, enrich it in long term and transmit it, in turn.

The TTT will open on September 24 at 10.00 in room A of the RESAD of Madrid, an institution that supports the international meeting. The inauguration will be attended by teachers participating in the TTT and the organisations which sponsor, support and collaborate in the event.



The Territory of the Tradition

The Territory at the Border

The Territory of Performance, Politics and Social Transformation

The Territory in the City

The Network Territory

The Territory of Children



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Collaboration with: Casa de la India, Fundación Japón, Goethe-Institut Madrid, Artez, Periodico El Diagonal, CAAE, Sala de Teatro Cuarta Pared, Teatro Lagrada, Bululu2120, OBERTURA(S) Magdalena Project Montpellier, Giuseppe Laselva, Tokiko Ando, Shunei Horibata, Keiko Shirai, Shoko Sato, Masahiko Kunihiro,Sakae Ushikawa,Tomoyoshi Kurosaka, Jyutaro Ito y todas las personas que nos han ayudado durante estos 15 años de recorrido teatral.


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