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The territory of Performance, Politics and Social Transformation

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Residui Theatre works through the performing art, as a tool for social and personal transformation, in order to develop communication in the local and intercultural environment. Art and its implementation is a vehicle which transmits experiences to a place where common experiences can be easily recognised; a place where the subject can be identified and developed, highlighting and overcoming common problems. It enables equitable relationships and, through them, it is re-discovered and enriched. Furthermore, it promotes and encourages individual changes which are essential for an effective social change. We are facing a tool of training and education, community creation, memory recall and development of creative ways and conflict resolution. We are facing a channel of communication and value transmission


“Relation among performance/ city / politics and trasformation” by Paolo Vignolo (Italy)

“Community dance, the experience in indigenous communities in the Amazon” by Marta Ruíz.


"Theatre of All" experts in Dance and Theatre and companies composed by artists with and without functional diversity will present their experience in an open conversation. The guests will reflect on the accessibility of art in contemporary Spanish society and they will share their experience. During the meeting, the results of the “Playing the Differences” Project, which was run in Madrid from the 24th to 31st of May and was supported by the Erasmus + programme, will be presented.


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