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The Territory at the Border 2017

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How far and how wide does the territory of the theatre stretch?, What can be considered theatre?, In the past, which performing arts were included in this territory, and which not?, What has changed with the revolution of Tanz-theatre in Germany?, What is being reclaimed now in the physical theatre?, Which part of it all still exists in the drama that is being created with the use of lights, objects, colours?. The territory of the border reflects on the idea of border as the place of encounter between arts, the place of exchange and growth.


“Workshop of technique and improvisation” directed by Marigia Maggipinto (company member of Tanztheater Pina Bausch).

The master class is divided into two parts: one technique part based on the Hans Zullig work (first dancer of Kurt Joss company – inspirer of many movements in the choreographies of Pina Bausch) and on the work Jean Cebron. After, there will be a time dedicated to the work with improvisation and composition.

“Breathing -center -movement” directed by Presemysław Błaszczak
(Grotowski Institute - Teatr  ZAR).
Breathing: generating movement and sound.
Center: center of gravity, also living source of movement, place where the movement begins and place of its control.
Movement: form of expression, center-breath interaction, evidence of existence (such as chest movement makes breathing clear).




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