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The Territory at the Border

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From where to where does the territory of theatre extend? What do we consider as theatre? Which performing arts were involved in this territory, in the past, and which were not? What has changed with the revolution of Tanz-theatre, what has been saved in physical theatre, today? What part of all this exists in drama and it is, also, created through light and colour? The Territory at the Border will reflect on the border as a meeting place among arts and as a place of exchange and development.


“Dramaturgy of Space” workshop about scenic construction and scenic objects from recycled materials. Directed by Paolo Baroni (Italia).“

“Body in Flight” directed by Marta Ruíz (Colombia).

“Theatre of the connections” directed by Gregorio Amicuzi (Residui Teatro, Spain - Italy).

"Learning to learn" physical and vocal training directed by Gregorio Amicuzi



“What is a Clown?” by and with Vladimir Olshansky (Russia-USA).

“Roots and Heaven” direction by Gregorio Amicuzi; with Gregorio Amicuzi and Viviana Bovino (Residui Teatro, Spain - Italy)



“The clown in the hospital, the profession and the bet”. Vladimir Olshansky



“Notes on Happiness” presentation of a work in progress directed by Gregorio Amicuzi, with Viviana Bovino. A production of Residui Teatro.



Portrait of Charles Picq/ The Solos Wandlung - der Tod und das Mädchen von Schubert / Im  Bade Wannen/ Meeting with Susanne Linke (Germany).


PHOTO:  Steven Sebring


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