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The Network Territory

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We can consider companies, theatres and artistic achievements as territories that can establish connections between them. Then, how is the theatrical geography of Madrid? What are the connections between local theatrical territories and international experiences? According to the connections that Residui Teatro has developed over the last 15 years, we will cover the issue of the creation of national and international local networks.


“Direction Workshop” directed by Luis Ibar (Mexico).

“The Butterfly Hunter” directed by Alma Bernal (Mexico)



“Walking and Falling” by and with Hernan Gené (Argentina).



“A Bridge Between Two Worlds” Gregorio Amicuzi and Luis Ibar (Cartaphilus Teatro) presents a collaboration project between artists from Europe and America.

“In Madrid” with Jose Sanchís Sinisterra, Gregorio Amicuzi, Hernan Genè. Carlos Gil coordinates.



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