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Workshop Luis Ibar - ENGLISH VERSION

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Workshop Luis Ibar
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“Direction Workshop” carried out by Luis Ibar (México).

DATE: October 1-2, from 15:00 to 19:00
LOCATION : Centro de Artesanía de las Artes Escénicas (CAAE)*
C/ Ercilla, 48. Madrid, Metro Acacias or Embajadores

“It is clear that, to me, the work of a director is about being a professional spectator”.
Jerzy Grotowski
APPROACH: It is impossible to think about improving the performing and cinematographic arts, if the directors are not qualified to direct the actors. All efforts will be unsuccessful, if actors do not deliver on the essential aspect of their job: the communication of ideas and feelings. To do this, it is necessary to understand the hidden processes of the actor and the components of the mysterious world of fiction. It is said that acting is a universe of rules and objectives imposed at the actor and this can become a double-edged sword; on the one hand, we have the actor that is limited regarding his expressive abilities; on the other hand, we have the “trained” actor that is afraid to explore new paths. Continuing this metaphor, we could argue that the director is an eternal sharpener, capable of sharpening up the actor or stunt his development. Without direction, without a professional spectator, the actor is unprotected, lost in his internal world, without eyes or a mirror to look at.

Principles of Stage Direction (the play, casting, set design, lightning, costumes, rehearsal programming, among others).
Fiction structure from the director’s perspective (mood, given circumstances, scenic situation, goals, obstacles and conflict)
The individuality of the actor (the actor’s personal universe must be understood and respected by the director; in this sense, two actors cannot be directed in the same way).
The text (analysis of the different levels that compose it, sub-text, trans-text, meta-text, rhythm, tone and ambience).
Working table (the invisible director).
Staging (fiction, signs and symbols).
Creativity and imagination (the origin of the arts).
Ethics and poetics (actor/director relationship, crisis and self-esteem).
Analysis of film frames, paintings, photos and the surrounding environment.
Creation of images using objects, lights and actors.
Image analysis based on the logic of its elements.
Everyday image versus stage image.
Significance of the image.
The narrative image.
The magical image.
Image and the precision of its time and rhythm.
Stage direction exercise.

DONATION: 100 euros (50 euros for unregistered participants)
PROMOTION: Carnet TTT – El Cuerpo, Carnet TTTodo – El teatro
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* To participate in the activities that take place in Centro de Artesanía de las Artes Escénicas you have to buy the membership card from Residui Teatro. The card costs 3 euros and is renewed at the beginning of each year. Help us to support the project!

PROMOCIÓN: Carnet TTT – El Cuerpo, Carnet TTTodo – El teatro


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