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Espectáculo "White Bird" - ENGLISH VERSION

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Espectáculo "White Bird"
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“White Bird/Pájaro Blanco” directed by Keiin Yoshimura, with Keiin Yoshimura and Viviana Bovino. A co- production by Kamigatamaitomonokai and Residui Teatro.

DATE: Octuber 2nd, 21:30 hrs.

LOCATION: Centro de Artesanía de las Artes Escénicas (CAAE)*

C/ Ercilla, 48. Madrid. Metro Acacias or Embajadores

The White Bird is a work in progress directed by the Japanese master Keiin Yoshimura and presented by Viviana Bovino (Residui Teatro Co.). The work is based on an ancient Japanese folktale. The master Yoshimura has decided to demonstrate different techniques for this part of theatre and traditional Japanese dance such as: Noh theatre, Kiogen and Kamigata-mai. In this way, the master Yoshimura wants to draw an active dialogue between East and West.

Keiin Yoshimura and  Viviana Bovino met for the first time in September 2013 during the Festival A Solas, promoted by Magdalena Project. The master Yoshimura directed a workshop during that festival, and  Viviana Bovino was the only student. Therefore, a collaboration, that grew up during intensive meetings and in different cities, got started (Madrid, Venezia, Fara Sabina, Avezzano).

Collaboration with: Magdalena Montpellier Project and Japan Foundation.

DONATION: 8 euros

PROMOTION: TT Carnet – La emoción, Carnet TTTodo – El teatro

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*To participate in the activities that take place in Centro de Artesanía de las Artes Escénicas you have to buy the membership card from Residui Teatro. The card costs 3 euros and is renewed at the beginning of each year. Help us to support the project!


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