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“Notes on Happiness” a presentation of the work in progress directed by Gregorio Amicuzi, with Viviana Bovino. A production of Residui Teatro


Notes on Hapiness is a theatre-dance ritual to approach happiness.
According to the philosopher Epicurus, fear prevents human beings from being happy.
Fear of the future, gods and death.
Passing through intimate, personal and social fears, the journey of "Notes on Happiness" begins.
The search begins at the moment of birth; According to studies of psychology, the moments before birth resemble to those of before death.
We die in a world to be born in another world.
During the show, it is recalled: "We are burnt in the fire, we are drown in our blood, we are scattered in the wind, we return to earth to be a tree and then a flower, our instinct is to transform".
Change is a logical possibility which is assumed in the East.
What is happiness? What would you do if you had more time? And more money? What would you do to be happy?
The show does not give answers but questions.
The communication with the public is established through different languages such as theatre, dance and animation.
In "Notes on Happiness", different registers are used to allow the public have an access to the show and the theme: from the popular stories of New Guinea to the words of Giordano Bruno.
The show wants to propose a deep reflection using a style and a very clear and simple aesthetic.
On stage, an actress, in white suit, transforms two silk fabrics into a placenta or a grandmother.
The only scenic object is a wonderful root which is a tree as well.
The root is the connection with the past, the culture of origin as well as the desire to transform, the future.
Notes on Happiness is a journey that starts from the roots and continues to the world.
During the show, the actress dances, sings and interprets texts of very different genres. The songs come from a popular repertoire from around the world.
Notes on happiness wants to be a process of seeking harmony, a meeting with ourselves.


November 2014: Susanne Linke (Susanne Linke Company).

February and June 2015: Else Marie Laukvik (Odin Teatret).

June 2015: Carolina Pizarro and Pierangelo Pompa (Odin Teatret).

Direction: Gregorio Amicuzi
Choreography: Viviana Bovino
with Viviana Bovino
Texts inspired by: San Agustin, Giordano Bruno, Søren Kierkegaard e Tiziano Terzani.

DONATION: 5 euros
PROMOTION: Carnet TT – La emoción, Carnet TTTodo – El teatro
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