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The Territory of the Tradition 2017

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Contemporary theatre is deeply rooted in the ancient knowledge that is being transformed and used more and more in relation to contemporary themes. Generally speaking, geographical distances have never posed an actual barrier concerning theatre work that always promotes an exchange and the circulation of tides. Nevertheless, the tradition continues to be a pillar of fundamental value for the construction of the new theatrical visions. As part of the Territory of the Tradition program, there will be masters from Asia and Africa, on one side deeply rooted in the ancient knowledge, and on the other highly interested in new horizons and exchange, along with the masters from Europe who have generated a new tradition based on the logic of transverse work, the “theatrical anthropology”, that lead them to new definition of “The secret art of the actor”.


“La nueva commedia dell’Arte” directed by Claudia Contin Arlecchino (Italy).

The program, calibrated on the short monograph course, includes a pre-heating of the grotesque physical deformations of the Commedia dell’Arte; the Neutral Body and the Character slices of the human body; physical behavior of some of
the main archetypes of the Commedia dell’Arte; actor training in the Commedia dell’Arte; personalization of the relationship between body, face and mask; tips and experiments for grotesque use in contemporary theater.

“Wa-no-Kokoro-dance Kamigata-mai” directed by Keiin Yoshimura (Japan).

The dance Kamigata-mai was born and developed in the region of Japan Kamigata (Kyoto-Osaka) on the XVI Century. It is based on the traditionals Noh and Kyogen and takes some elements from the Bunraku. While the Noh, the Kyogen and the Bunraku are usually interpreted by men, the Kamigata-mai dance is interpreted principally by women.



“Tea Ceremony” by  Keiin Yoshimura.



“White Bird/Pájaro Blanco” directed by Keiin Yoshimura, with Keiin Yoshimura and Viviana Bovino. A co-production of Kamigatamaitomonokai and Residui Teatro.

White Bird is a show directed by the Japanese teacher Keein Yoshimura and interpreted by Viviana Bovino (cía Residui Teatro). The work is based on an old Japanese traditional tale. The teacher Yoshimura has decided to use for this piece different techniques of theater and traditional Japanese dance like: Theater Noh, Kiogen and Kamigata-mai. With this piece the teacher Yoshimura wants to draw an active dialogue between East and West.


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